Top 5 Great E-Commerce Technology Trends Incoming In The Near Future

E-commerce continues to grow at a steady pace due to new discoveries and innovations. That has made online players keep learning new things that are happening in the e-commerce field in order to stay strong and ahead in the market today. Nowadays, many businesses are realizing the importance of a good customer experience in achieving better sales conversions. Thus, popular retailers are focusing on providing exemplary customer service using innovative digital experiences. A lot of them are also incorporating new apps/website technologies while at the same time testing better ways to grow their businesses. The following are the main trends expected to feature prominently in e-commerce industry very soon.

1. Beacon Technology

Some years back, Beacons emerged as an adaptable technology with extensive implementation in physical restaurants and storefronts for providing product offers as well as product information. Currently, the same technology is gaining momentum among different online businesses too. Numerous businesses are using beacon technology to send away personalized offers to their registered users through their mobile phones and utilizing the client’s location data espoused by the site.

2. Artificial Intelligence (A.I)

A.I will be the newest technological disruption embraced by the e-commerce retailers, in the digital domain, in the near future. Currently, retailers are developing fully targeted campaigns using their web customer’s behavioral data to market their products. By perceiving their user’s passions, they are able to take actions based on previous shopping experiences and distinct customer segments to boost sales.

3. Social Media Purchases

Almost everybody, mostly the youth, around the world have a social media account and it is slowly becoming the norm to have one. E-commerce players are aware of this trend. Thus, they have identified social media as a great platform for marketing and promotions. Nevertheless, apart from helping in promoting offers and content, social media accounts are now providing Direct Purchase options to clients via their pages. The sales resulting from social accounts keeps on rising as those platforms continue to evolve in terms of the way integrations to the sites or products are done.

4. Human Voice Integrations

The m-Commerce apps and e-Commerce shops are introducing chatbots in collaboration with voice assistant to give users the same feeling they get when purchasing things from a nearby physical store. It is a new way for the shop and sellers to interact. Almost all the major e-Commerce sites are making that chat assistance concept a high priority in a bid to engage their customers in a better way.

5. Augmented Reality (AR) Technology

In the coming days, AR technology will be one of those select technologies expected to change the face of e-commerce businesses. The technology is already a phenomenon in the gaming industry – it is time for it to spellbind clients in e-commerce. Using this technology, retailers can offer in-store experiences to their customers when shopping via their sites or apps. The technology may work by protruding store images on the devices’ virtual screens and hence enable them to visualize themselves with the products or outfit they are purchasing.


As digital technologies continue to advance, customers are now opting for a more sophisticated, authentic digital experience when shopping online. Therefore, the merchants also need to change the way they market or/and sell their items. Although it is easy to launch an e-commerce store, it is always a challenge to offer value to the nervous shoppers. To come up with a great store, you have to put the needs of the clients first. Accordingly, retailers who want to stand out from the rest and still be innovative should consider implementing the above trends.

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