Get Started Today: How To Make Extra Money With Online Surveys

Looking for an online job to make some extra cash in order to increase your monthly income? Or rather do you need something that you can spend in during your free time apart from your regular desk job?

Online surveys actually offer you an incredible opportunity for the same. Something to note in this is that it won’t make you fetch a thousand million dollars monthly. The earnings are a bit low and also in proportion to the amount of effort and time that you invest.

Now, in case you seriously looking forward to filling out the online surveys for you to make some extra money, the following is what you have to know:

1. The one behind these online surveys

These online surveys are basically part of a company’s marketing strategy. The opinions of customers play an important role in deciding where and how to pitch someone’s products and services. Because many companies have no manpower and that time to spare for such vital collection of data, they do outsource the task to their preferred data collection companies. Afterwards, these data collection companies get individuals who will then have to fill out the surveys in return for a cash bonus.

2. Avoiding the scams

Given the hype surrounding this online money making technique, the internet is always crowded with both the legitimate and the illegitimate survey sites. Therefore, it’s very clever to research on the legitimate ones in order to avoid being swindled.

One way that can help you to know whether a scheme is genuine or fraudulent is; if they charge membership fees or not. You should be aware that there is no legitimate online survey site that should ask you to pay for you to be a member of the same.

Before registering with any online survey site, it’s advisable to:

  • Take time to do a bit of research on how it works
  • The company behind it
  • How and when the payments are made
  • You can also go through some of the past users’ reviews to know if there are any problems or difficulties you might face while on the site.

3. How do online surveys work?

The structures of online surveys differ. Most of them require you to go through answering questions, and some require you to test the product too. There are also focus groups. These focus groups involve a face-to-face interaction. Surveys on this platform are technically based on a wide range of commercial products that range from grocery items to the electronics all the way to household goods. Most survey sites require you to create a profile in order to be an active participant.

Companies that are involved in data collection pass through your profile. This is to ensure that you are the right candidate for the available surveys. In most cases, companies will do send you a survey link through your email. They can likewise send you the survey directly to your email.

Be Careful When Filling In The Surveys

You need to take care when filling in the surveys and how to fill them. If you fill out the surveys just for the sake of it, pray that the company should not know of it because if the company realizes, then they will have no option but to send you less of them.

The Pay Range

It takes 10-15 minutes to complete a survey and there includes two prize ranges and they include:

• The regular question-answer surveys prize ranges in between 1 USD and 15 USD.

• The product testing and focus groups have a higher earning potential and they are priced between 50 USD and 100 USD.

The more surveys that you get fill out increases your earn rate. Moreover, how much cash you earn also do depend on the complexity of the survey. As much as payment is concerned, almost all online survey sites have got a withdrawal threshold.

If you meet a survey company offering $300 to fill out a survey that runs for 20 minutes, it should actually ring a bell for you. It’s completely different where the company offers sweepstakes. There’re companies that do give bigger prize money to the active surveyors mostly requesting them to have a certain number of points in order to participate.

Final Verdict

Many people think that filling out surveys is only about making cash doing nothing. This is actually false. If you’re truly interested, you can be guaranteed a chance to test new concepts and products before shipping out into the market. It is an opportunity to give out your opinion and in this way help others.

You can turn this into a lucrative and safe money making venture only if you are focused and follow the right tips.

Last but not least, if indeed you are looking for the genuine and well- paid online surveys – there’s is need tying up with those best companies well known in the industry.

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