10 Best Survey Websites

Doing online surveys is a great way to earn some extra money. However, there are plenty of scam websites on the Internet. It is very important to choose wisely. Here are some of the best survey websites which you should definitely try:

1. Toluna

Toluna is one of the most popular survey websites and is used by millions of people. They follow a point system. When you complete a survey, you will be awarded anything between 500 and 30000 points. Later on, you have to redeem the points for cash. The good thing is that the minimum payout is 5 Dollars. Right from the start, you will be offered plenty of surveys. Apart from surveys, there are also daily polls and contests. Hence, collecting points is not a very difficult task.

2. Superpayme

Established in 2006, this is also a very popular and reliable survey website. The best thing about them is that they accept users from all countries. There are multiple ways to earn money. Most of the surveys here are conducted by companies doing market research. You can also earn money by doing interesting things like playing games. More than 6 million people are using this website. Hence, you don’t have to worry about getting scammed.

3. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is arguably the best survey site. For people who are just starting out, this one is the best choice. As of now, they have paid more than 200 Million Dollars to their users. The advantage is that there are multiple ways to earn points through Swagbucks. You will find plenty of surveys available. You can also earn points through watching videos or playing games. They also have their own search engine. You will get points if you use their search engine.

4. Opinion Plus

They have tie-ups with some of the most leading brands in the world so that you get plenty of opportunities. The moment you sign up, they will send you a very small questionnaire. Based on your answers, they will send you the surveys which suit you the best. For every survey, you will be awarded points. 1000 points are equivalent to 10 Dollars. The moment you reach 1000 points, they will automatically send 10 Dollars to your PayPal account.

5. Opinion Outpost

The best thing about them is that they offer plenty of surveys. For every survey, you will earn somewhere in between 1 Dollars and 10 Dollars. There are also some special surveys which will pay you as high as 20 or 25 Dollars. Every 3 months, a cash draw worth 10000 Dollars is organized where every member can participate. You can get paid either through Paypal or through Amazon gift cards. If you want the money in your PayPal account, then the minimum balance should be 10 Dollars. You can also opt for Amazon gift cards worth 5 Dollars.

6. Instagc

With more than 6.5 million users, they have made a name for themselves as one of the most reputed survey sites. The best thing about them is that they pay very fast. They also have various payment options. Apart from Paypal, they can also transfer the money to your bank account if you want.

7. Treasuretroopers

They have plenty of surveys for every new user. They are mainly famous for their Treasure Hunt game. The winner of that game gets 100 Dollars. They also have a very good referral system. It is a good way to earn some extra cash. Send your referral link to all your contacts, Every time they complete a survey, you will be paid a commission.

8. Ipsos i-Say

Ipsos is a very reputed online market research firm and this is their own survey site. Unlike most of the other sites, they only have surveys and no games or videos, However, since they specialize on surveys, you will get access to plenty of quality surveys.

9. Mypoints

They are owned by Prodege LLC, the owner of Swagbucks. Hence, you don’ have to worry about this website being a scam. They have a wide range of options to earn money. You can earn money through online shopping or by signing up for some special offers. They also have some special offers which other sites won’t offer you. For example, they offer a bonus while signing up for Amazon Prime.

10. Survey Junkie

This one is also a very decent website. They have a very well designed and easily navigable website. Hence, you will be easily able to access all the surveys. You can make good money through this website. With some luck, you will be able to make around 40 Dollars every day.

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